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    Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
    We're about to be on the move, will we be in your area?
    I was going to do a post about all the things that have happened. We had three cool speakers come out to talk: Pen Ward (creator of "Adventure Time"), Ryan Germick (head of the Google Doodle Team) and Raina Telgemeier (writer/artist of "Smile", "Drama" and soon "Sisters"). The talks were all wonderful. I have lots to say about them.

    Then there was the amazing and ridiculous trip to Philadelphia; the insanity of the drive, the wonderful people we met, the things we did and the strangeness of our hotel.

    But, see, there's NEWS! Things are happening! So I have to talk about the future first.

    I keep saying the Scott is done with the book. Again. It's a running joke. And it's true. The book is done. And it's almost finished. Right now, Scott is going though the book and correcting things. Finding continuity problems (oh look, she's wearing a coat in this panel, but it's mysteriously gone in the next), making sure characters look the same in the beginning of the book as they do in the end, that sort of thing. He is also working on the cover (I got to help with that!). I'm really liking the cover so far, it's not done, but it's really cool.

    Hey, Did you see the announcement in the NYTimes? (ignore the title). Like I said, THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

    Before we leave here (here being Clarksville, TN) on May 4th to head back to CA, Scott has to be done with everything. He has to be because there will be no more time left. Remember how crazy February was? Well May is giving it a run for it's money. We will be crossing the country three times! Most of the appearances are not public but one is! (and for friends/family let me know if we pass near you and you want to catch a meal or something!)

    So, what does May look like, you ask? Well, let me tell you: we are going to leisurely drive back to SoCal from here stopping to see some stuff (Scott has still never been to the Grand Canyon and that really must be rectified!). We'll see my family for a few days (maybe, depending on how leisurely we take the drive), then we are heading up to San Mateo to do a Google gig on the 12th (not open to the public, sorry), from there we have three and a half (count them 3) days to get to NYC. We are still debating if it's possible to drive the whole way or only part. Scott's doing two things in NYC (neither public) one on Friday the 16th the other on Sat the 17th. From there we have until Thursday the 22nd to get to Houston.

    Houston is VERY PUBLIC! Are you anywhere near Houston? Come see us!!! Scott's going to be doing his talk at the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum Thursday night! Then we're hanging around for Comicpalooza. Don't know that we're doing much there. Well, I know I'll be attempting to find a polite way to meet Clark Gregg to tell him that I've been a fan of his since Sports Night, without making a fool of myself (and if I get the chance, possibly telling James Marsters what a large influence he was on my children). Who am I kidding. I'll likely be hanging out with the comic book people, for those are the people I know, and they are the ones that get to walk the halls unaccosted. Whatever. Are you near there? Will you be going there? PLEASE, come find us! I don't expect that the crowd going are likely to know who Scott is, and that would just be sad. If you find us, I'll make Scott show you some pages of the new book on his iPad. Deal?

    Sadly, because of the time constraints and the travel logistics, we are dropping Bucky off with my folks before we head up to San Mateo, so it will just be the two, not the three of us.

    After Comicpalooza ends on Sunday the 25th we head to Atlanta, Georgia where Scott will be talking with MailChimp (obviously not public) on Friday the 30th. From there, we head back to SoCal, where we will arrive way before Scott needs to be there to teach his class in LA on June 21st and 22nd. The class is very much open to the public. Not free, but well worth the money!

    And as I predicted. Just telling you all of this is too long a post to tell you all the other stuff. Sigh. I really do need to post more often. I'm working on it?

    (BTW, if you commented on my last post anonymously I've finally gotten caught up on answering)
    Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
    Batman '66 #13
     photo BM-66-Cv13-1dfad_zpscef88b04.jpg

    BATMAN ‘66 #13
    Written by GABRIEL SORIA
    On sale JULY 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST
    A new hit TV show based on Batman’s crime fighting exploits is on the air, but it hardly meets with the Caped Crusader’s approval. And the show’s producer has more in mind than just high ratings! A set visit from Batman and Robin reveals the producer’s true agenda and puts all of the action behind the cameras in this story by guest writer Gabriel Soria.
    Monday, April 21st, 2014
    "Third-Eye Candy" - Adam McGovern reviews FEAR, MY DEAR
    A tremendous review of my upcoming graphic novel, FEAR, MY DEAR: A Billy Dogma Experience, by the one and only, Adam McGovern. Thank you, Adam!

    "Third-Eye Candy"

    "Mother Earth and Father Sky were the golden-age deities, and word and image are the divine parents of comics’ unnamable combined sense, its third-eye candy; the avatars of those facing pages, the impulsive, muscular Billy and the strategic, light-footed Jane, are like action and thought, meeting in the physical as one perfect being, which is to say far from a finished one, but one who is whole."
    Monday, April 14th, 2014
    Bleeding Cool: Asbury Park Comic Con’s Carousel Comics Performance Gets Totally NSFW
     photo CarouselChristaDino_zps7f0ef960.jpeg
    (Christa Cassano & Dean Haspiel photographed by Danny Hellman)

    "With classic Billy dialogue during the lovers spat like “I’m about to get inconsiderate”, the comic explores frustrated love making breaking out all over town. There was plenty of nudity, and of course, make up sex. “These are autobiographical stories”, Haspiel quipped. They also presented Haspiel’s “Sex Planet” story which was, if possible, even more explicit, depicting Billy and Jane with “mid sections struggling” and a love scene that reveals Jane’s thigh tattoo directing Billy to her underwear with the slogan:“lift here to open”, more destruction ensues, concluding with the comment on humanity, “The things we do”."
    -Hannah Means-Shannon

    Read the rest of Hannah's report here:

     photo IMG_7152-600x4501_zpsd59b3102.jpg
     photo IMG_7145-600x450_zpsdc3014a1.jpg
    (Christa Cassano, Dean Haspiel, & Billy Dogma photographed by Hannah Means-Shannon)
    Saturday, April 12th, 2014
    Dean Haspiel at Asbury Park Comicon
     photo Billy-Dogma-Sunflower-Kissessm_zpscd9eb69f.jpg

    I will be at Asbury Park Comicon this weekend, 4/12 & 4/13 at table B-214 with HANG DAI studio mates Gregory Benton & Christa Cassano.

    I'll be selling PSYCHOTRONIC COMIX and the new Billy Dogma poster SUNFLOWER KISSES.

    Me and Christa Cassano will also be performing in R. Sikoryak’s CAROUSEL Cartoon Slide Show at 5pm on Saturday.
    THE FOX "Freak Magnet" collection cover revealed at USA Today
     photo FOX_COV1amp4_lr_zpsee13ba9f.jpg

    "Because no one was expecting this series, I loved having a fairly open canvas to paint broad strokes with," Haspiel says. "I liked conceiving and drawing a story that spoke to the kinds of superhero comic books I want to make and read. I liked innovating old characters. I loved collaborating with great writers and artists who made me a better cartoonist."
    Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
    52 Explore reviews CUBA: My Revolution
    "All in all, it's a well-written and well-executed graphic novel with a very personal tale to tale, and is very much a recommended read for a look at Cuba during that tumultuous period. It's a period that has often been written about, but rarely does one get as personal a look at the historic events as one does with this novel."

    Nice review of CUBA: My Revolution, the graphic novel I collaborated on with Inverna Lockpez, Jose Villarrubia, Patrick Brosseau, and Joan Hilty

    Read the rest of it here:
    Bleeding Cool likes FEAR, MY DEAR
    "It was exhilarating to see the design of the book balanced to the compositional structure of the comics–that’s geek speak for the book is square, the panels are all square, and presented 4 per page or full page spreads. The “beats” of the storytelling worked so well when laid out in this way that the book harmonizes with the comics’ digital origin in a virtuous way. Billy Dogma, following epic struggles in love and life with Jane Legit, is larger that life and the format does him justice as he encounters alien forces, leaps, fights, and argues, and even descends into the underworld to grapple with his own hero legacy. Haspiel’s work takes to large format with unflinching and amusing bravado, and it’ll grip your own emotions with its relentless hero-arc explorations."
    -Hannah Means-Shannon, Bleeding Cool
    Comics News Insider podcast interviews Dean Haspiel
     photo JimmyAquinoDinoMocca2014_zps18a8ce31.jpeg

    Jimmy Aquino interviewed me at MoCCA Fest 2014 about my new graphic novel, FEAR, MY DEAR, for his Comics News Insider podcast.   About