Scott McCloud (smccloud) wrote,
Scott McCloud

The Future is Here

It's official!

A few weeks ago, I visited the Manhattan offices of our friends at First Second books to discuss my plans for an original graphic novel that I've been dreaming of for more than two decades, and which, in the last couple of years, has become a full-blown obsession. The three of us—myself, First Second, and the book—got along so well together, that we've decided to get hitched for the above linked-to two-book deal.

This means that I'll be working with a great comics-savvy team and a whip-smart editor, but perhaps best of all, it means that when I travel to New York (which I'll be doing often since the graphic novel takes place in Manhattan) I get to visit their offices in the frickin' FLATIRON building:

How cool is that?

I'm redesigning my site right now and will be relaunching with a new blog soon, so look for many more details and sneak peaks of this massive new project in the near future.
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oooh, fantastic! I love it when you get obsessed about things. Can't wait to see new fiction from you. First Second creates a really quality product and they're great folks. PS: Enjoy their offices while you can, the Flatiron Bldg. is up for sale.

Well, so long as they take all the humans with them, they'd be a great company wherever they end up.


11 years ago

Sounds great!

I actually live a few blocks away from the Flatiron building, so I see it all the time, but it's still awesome. =)

IIRC, wasn't the Flatiron used as "The Daily Bugle" in the Spiderman movies?
Congratulations, Scott!

And the book news is cool, too.
Okay, so when I asked you what the graphic novel is about, you grinned and said, "About 300 - 400 pages." Smartass.

So, what's the nonfiction book going to be about?

Yeah, I'm playing this pretty close to the vest for a while (despite having privately worked out the story in great detail already).

I can, however, tell you that the story takes place in New York in the present day, is fairly operatic, and has a fair amount to say about life, art and love. And yeah, up to 400 pages, hence the extended production timeframe.
Cool! I can't wait to read it :-)
Congratulations Scott! But 2013 sounds so far away... Sigh.

Deleted comment

Congratulations, woohoo!
lookin' forward to it!
I'm glad that it came down to :01, as I've really liked their books, as well as their taste in offerings. I've read more of their comics in the past year than anyone else's AND B+N tends to carry them as well. Rest assured, the secret's safe. And I hope this obsession is like your birthday party a very long time ago when Clarence gave you that chess set... :"D Well done, Scott!
Scott!!! I cannot WAIT to read your new book!!! Congrats to First Second for picking it up, their future line up looks amazing! I read the announcement on Ivy's blog and it brought a huge smile to my face. :)
way cool! First Second are good peoples and great books!
Rock on! The publishing company I used to work for had offices in that building (but I lived and worked in Portland, so I only got to visit once in a great while). The building is pretty sweet.
To quote Bugs Bunny: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Wasn't it him that said that?

Deleted comment

Black and a spot is the current plan.

Hi, Indy!
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