Scott McCloud (smccloud) wrote,
Scott McCloud

[cross-posted with my new blog until it's a little more bloggy and a little less lame]

Information Wants to be Loved

Two videos. My daughter Sky showed me this last week:

And Cat Garza showed us this on his blog last week:

They've both been around for a while (2006 & 2002), but if you've never seen either I strongly recommend both. [dates edited to match main page]

Funny thing is, I love the first one because it's all about pure information—spare, monochrome, one idea at a time—and I love the second one because it's just the opposite: a cascading waterfall of mostly useless infographics. Maybe it's just the sensation of being taught. Maybe it's just porn for info-geeks like me. Either way I can't take my eyes off them.

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The video is about seven years old, I think!

If someone already hasn't, let me be the 'first' to introduce you to Rex the Dog.
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Bubblicious from Rex The Dog on Vimeo.
Those are two of my favorite videos in the world! The Röyksopp one in particular just makes me *happy*.
Just today I was just showing a friend Chris Ware's façade at 826 Valencia here in San Francisco. She'd never seen his work; I think I called it "infographics of the human condition", or something like that.
I thought this video does an awesome job explaining the credit crisis clearly, with simple visuals and narrative:
(It's from last week or so.)
There's a topic for a comic too. If only the economy wasn't such a fast-moving target!
Cat's always got something amazing going on. Next time we all go out for drinks I'll have to make sure he knows you gave his blog some attention :P
Hey Scott, I've posted a new video blog at YouTube that connects to the blog I posted responding to your post above. How's that for wheels within wheels?
Thanks again for your interest in my project.

Rob Bryanton
Imagining the Tenth Dimension
Hi - I am definitely glad to discover this. cool job!