Scott McCloud (smccloud) wrote,
Scott McCloud

[cross-posted with the new site still, but hope to have a proper blog live soon]

Dylan Horrocks Awaits You

The great Dylan Horrocks has relaunched his website with new comics and other content that will mess with your head in exciting new ways.

Dylan Horrocks' New Site!

Get your brain and eyes and bookmarks to now.

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Ooo, neat! Thank you for showing me this!
hmm. This does not, however, answer the question: WHAT ABOUT "ATLAS"???
Ah, world-building...

Takes time, I guess.
I don't care abt world building, I just want the next chapter. Someday.
Thank you so much for posting this! I have you to thank for pointing the way to Larry's blog and now Dylan's. You so rock.
That's the panel that got my attention too.
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